Pat Barton

I have always been drawn to and fascinated by rocks. I started out grinding and polishing agates and other hard stone into cabochons when I was in high school. I have been creating core drilled stone vases and stone planters for the last 15 years. I use a variety of natural stone: river rock, for it’s rounded and naturally sculptured forms; obsidian, with both glassy fractured surfaces and and flow patterns on the existing surface; small basalt columns, with polygonal shapes, caused by the cooling of the lava, and organic colored surfaces; and olivine and serpentine for their beautiful green colors. The stone’s shape or form contributes to the success of the flower arrangement or planting. The stone should not overpower the arrangement, but should complement it. Colors and textures in the stones vary, giving many choices when selecting a stone for your use. Having an area of the stone that is polished lets the viewer see what the interior of the stone looks like. In my stone sculpture I also leave some of the stone’s original form, with the rest of the stone being shaped and polished. I find that combining rough stone and polished stone complements and balances a sculpture.

at Sumner and Sandry Studios 4507 332nd Ave SE Fall City WA 98024