Marcia Tuttle

My painting studio is located in North Bend, Washington, the heart of the lush green Pacific Northwest, but my real studio exists in my vivid imagination, where the ideas begin and develop and call to be created on paper.

In 2002 I retired from teaching school and moved to the NW to start a new life as an artist.  I enrolled in a watercolor class and a whole new life was opened to me!  After experimenting with various subjects I realized that painting wildlife was my passion.  An amazing African safari has given me a new awareness of the beauty of the animals there, and I love to bring them to life in my watercolors.

I do not dread the blank white paper in front of me as I begin a painting.  Instead, I welcome the excitement of something wondrous to come.  When the drawing is complete and I block in the colors, I become more and more connected with the animal appearing before me.  The eyes are next; that’s where the personality comes through.  Once I see the eyes, the direction is clear, and the rest of the face follows quickly.  Even though each species has its characteristics of color and form, the appearance of each individual of that species is also unique.  It is that uniqueness I strive to portray. at Showing at Art Gallery of SnoValley 8130 Railroad Ave. SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065