Erika Laureano

Erika Laureano | Industrial Organic Metal work. 

Erika makes a wide range of jewelry.  Currently, in this Patina Resin Collection her focus is on texture, color and found objects captured with resin.  Within the line there is an array of necklaces, earrings, statement cuffs and rings.

Copper, brass, sterling and gold are embossed for texture then married with color, which is created through various patina recipes Erika has experimented with over the years.  Finally, all is captured with clear resin and sometimes you might find tiny objects suspended in the process (glass balls, bronze cast coral, plastic tiny bubble balls).

The organic colors that surface through the patina process, combined with her bold cutting edge designs allow for a unique one of a kind style of jewelry.  


Showing at Piccola Cellars West 2nd St. North Bend, WA 98045